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“We remain focused on the process”: CH Quebecers visit Tout le monde en conversation

“We remain focused on the process”: CH Quebecers visit Tout le monde en conversation

The Montreal Canadiens Quebecers were running through a group Everyone is talking about itSunday.

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Coach Martin Saint-Louis was accompanied by Raphael Harvey Benard, Michael Matheson, David Savard and Samuel Montembault.

From the beginning, Guy A. LePage Saint-Louis expressed his opinion about the observers who placed his team at the bottom of the rankings. We quickly understood that it did not bother us.

“I approach my team from my life experience. What people say is noise and we need to put our headphones on. We stay focused on the process. »

Veteran Michael Matheson added, echoing his boss’s words.

“It’s motivating to hear that if you don’t have team goals, you’re not doing the right job.”


Since they were Quebecers from Bleu-Blanc-Rouge in the group, it was a great opportunity to talk about the pressure associated with the Montreal jersey.

“It depends on the individual and their personality, and it’s not the same answer for everyone,” St. Louis said.

“The people of Quebec are very proud. Playing a game Saturday night in Montreal is satisfying. No player says that external pressure is stronger than internal pressure. These players are proud.”

Once again, Matheson backed up his coach’s words.

“There was pressure when I played in Florida, and it doesn’t make a difference.”

As for Rafael Harvey Benard, he was clear when MC Gil asked him what he would do if he were a free agent and had to make a choice.

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“For a fraction of the money, I would definitely stay in Montreal.”

Martin St. Louis had kind words for his players.


In one word

Enjoy Jay A. LePage said a little when he asked Saint Louis to define its four players in one word. The Laval resident chose more than one word, but it’s a compliment. He said of Savard that he was the last teammate. As for Montembo, he stated that he is very quiet, while Harvey Benard is a Swiss Army Knife because he “does everything.” Finally, Matheson said he was definitely the first pick at breakout when he was young.

The host then returned the question to the players, who were talking about St. Louis.

Raphael Harvey Benard described him as dynamic and Mike Matheson spoke of his passion. David Savard said the same, adding that it led to the way he played which showed in training. “Sometimes we get the impression that he would like to do that Exercises With us. »

Finally, Samuel Montemboldt praised his openness and the quality of his communication.

“He is easy to approach, his door is always open and he is easy to talk to.”