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Martin St. Louis continues to hide behind excuses

Martin St. Louis continues to hide behind excuses

Martin St. Louis suddenly finds himself in an enviable position. With Sean Monahan out of the lineup, he is presented with a new excuse, one that allows him to breathe a little easier.

The pressure that had begun to weigh on him suddenly evaporated.

For St. Louis, this status represents an unexpected luxury. Without a center piece like Monahan, expectations automatically drop.

This means that the head coach can now overcome the challenges of the season without the constant pressure to win that would have come with having a key player in the squad.

This newfound freedom gives St. Louis the opportunity to focus on developing its team and improving its performance, without fearing the immediate consequences of a losing streak.

He can now take risks, test new strategies and allow his players to develop on the ice, knowing that he will not immediately be judged on short-term results.

Some might argue that this is the lowest-pressure coach in Montreal Canadiens history. Even Michel Therrien, who faced high expectations and constant criticism during his tenure in Montreal, might be jealous of St. Louis' current situation.

However, despite this lack of immediate pressure, St. Louis knows that the competitive nature of professional hockey means expectations will eventually rise as the rebuilding process progresses. He cannot become satisfied. Even if it is confirmed that he will sign an extension in 2025.

On the contrary, he must use this period to build a flexible and competitive team capable of responding to future challenges with confidence and determination.

For Martin St. Louis, this new dynamic offers temporary relief and an opportunity for growth.

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He knows the true test of his leadership and skills as a head coach will come when the team is ready to win. In the meantime, he's ready to embrace this moment of relief and share his “two years” parable with us.

Goodbye pressure. Hello Marty Life Lessons…