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Wave pools plague England

Wave pools A thorny substance. Their Raison d’Tre and discussions about surfing and their impact on the environment divide the surfing community. But on the other hand Channel, They seem to have received very tenderly and caringly.

In fact, the city’s city planners Manchester Gave the group the green light McKinney To build a wave pool. The project will cost 60 million (approximately மில்லியன் 70 million) to build a campus in the district. Trafford. Contains the configuration name Modern surf And will be added in addition to the wave pool, restaurants and a surf shop.


Managing Director of the McKinney Group, Billy McKinneyThis message was publicly welcomed:

“We are pleased that the Trafford Council has approved our plans for the modern surf, and we are very grateful to the locals for the extraordinary support we have received.

When you say that Anglo-Saxons see things differently.


About ten structures before 2025.

The Modern surf So after that it will become the third wave pool on British soil Snowdonia And complicated Wave. However, the number should not be more than a third for a long time. Opening of a wave pool in the area Bed hangers Country Park, Nearby Agreement, Could be operational by 2023.

Not only is there a wave pool on this new campus, but for this type of campus, the construction of a 5 star hotel is as usual. General Manager Quinn Estates, Mark Quinnn justifies this investment:

We want to create a wave pool with unique layout and browsing experience. Nothing in the southeast of England, only one wave pool is allowed in each major area. It will only be to the southeast. “

It will not stop with this new project!

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Plans are also underway to set up wave pools in cities South Port, Edinburgh, London, Bournemouth, Milton Keynes And In the collage. The territory of the United Kingdom can therefore hold About ten of these structures before 2025.

The arguments put forward in the various projects are based on the potential job opportunities created by the construction of these playgrounds. But, given the opportunity given to the full margin of the British people, try to browse the regions that do not allow it.

The Kingdom The rose, clover, thistle and red dragon will eventually change Called wave pools.

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