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EU-US: Borel-Blinken meeting next week in Washington

EU-US: Borel-Blinken meeting next week in Washington

Strasbourg | European Secretary of State Joseph Borel met with US Representative Anthony Blingen in Washington next week and announced that he would seek to resolve differences in relations with the United States, one of the leaders’ summits. Tuesday evening in Slovenia.

“We need to strengthen the dialogue between the EU and the United States and avoid issues such as the AUKUS agreement with Australia and the United Kingdom,” Joseph Borel told a European Parliament meeting in Strasbourg on Tuesday.

“I will meet Anthony Blingen in Washington next week,” he announced. “The EU-US alliance is important and irreplaceable, but there must be a solid basis for it,” he warned.

The next day and two days later, his entourage said Borel planned to travel to Washington on October 13 for talks with Anthony Blingen and other members of the US administration.

“After Afghanistan, the AUKUS agreement is a clear message from China about US priorities, and we need to change that,” he explained.

Anthony Blingen will hold a meeting in Paris on Tuesday with French diplomat Jean-Yves Le Drian to restore confidence in the Indo-Pacific region ‘s alliance with Australia and the United Kingdom.

“The commitment made by US President Joe Biden during his conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron is very important because the United States recognizes the importance of strong and efficient European security as a complement to NATO,” Joseph Borel stressed.

“Our discussions with Anthony Bling will focus on how to initiate a dialogue dedicated to safety and security,” he explained.

“The relationship between the EU and the United States is a pillar of prosperity and independence, but we must continue to build our autonomy because our interests do not always coincide,” he concluded.

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Joseph Borel is scheduled to attend an informal summit of EU leaders in Slovenia on Tuesday evening. Council President Charles Michael called for “a strategic debate on the role of the Union in the international arena” following the announcement of developments in Afghanistan and the AUKUS agreement.