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The ultras could have caused chaos at Saputo Stadium

The ultras could have caused chaos at Saputo Stadium

The Ultras, a group of ardent CF Montreal fans, wreaked havoc at Stade Saputo on Saturday in Montreal’s 2-1 win over Charlotte FC.

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According to a press release from CF Montreal, issued on Sunday, the group of amateurs who regained possession of Division 132 for one game, after an absence dating back to September, committed a few “unlawful acts,” including in particular the use of pyrotechnic materials. unauthorized action, endangering the health and safety of all assembled persons.”

The Ultras were banned from CF Montreal last season, after being accused of several harmful behaviors in their division.

This group, which was vehemently opposed to changing the identity of CF Montreal, which preferred the name “Montreal Impact” and the old logo accompanying it, does not seem to appreciate the efforts of the Montreal Organization, which recently unveiled a new logo. “International Fail” and “Local Brand” were also readable on the handmade signs.

However, CF Montreal appears to be open to continuing open discussions with Ultras.

As a responsible organisation, we are analyzing the situation to fully understand these incidents and continue to work with all fan groups to support and improve the atmosphere at the stadium without a safe environment. Our priority remains the health and safety of everyone.”

If Montreal’s top management condemns the abuses in Division 132, the players will be delighted with the heat at Stade Saputo during Saturday’s game.

‘It was fun’! The more there’s more [partisans]The more noise we hear, the more we push. Quebec fencing champion Matthew Choener was fired after the meeting.

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“It’s the kind of atmosphere that brings us to every match, meanwhile, said Rommel Koyoto, through an interpreter. The guys realized the Ultras were there and that’s something important to them. They are very happy to be back on the field.

Coach Wilfried Nancy was not aware of the return of the Ultras until the start, but confirmed that he had heard them.

“There was noise. Everything would be better if the fans had a chance to come back, everyone, be it ultras [ou] 1642. To me they are the same (…) We need them.”

The next CF Montreal match will be played on Stade Saputo only on July 9th. He will travel to the American West in the meantime to face Seattle Sounders and LA Galaxy.