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Was he really tempted to change teams?

Was he really tempted to change teams?

“Swagger” for today. The series based on Kevin Durant’s life was released to screens on October 29, 2021. The first three episodes are available on Apple TV+ platform. Chain, basketball, Kevin Durant… It’s obviously alluring!

Since Koh-Lanta is having a Tuesday evening, you’re wondering what you’re watching Friday on TV. After weeks of writing Captain Marlowe episodes, the situation has changed tonight! And say thank you who? Thanks d. Some still criticize him for his decision to join the Warriors, others adored him but in the end it didn’t matter, because the slender No. 7 of the Nets remains an exceptional player, above the lottery. Starting from afar, the kid from Seat Pleasant (near Washington, D.C.) had to contend with a path full of pitfalls, but he never gave up and created an astonishing record that easily makes you dizzy: two NBA champion rings, and three Olympic gold medals. Charm, one World Champion Medal, Best Player Cup, two Finals Best Player. short, KD doesn’t have much to prove and so I decided to go even further in the audiovisual sector. For his haters and fans, he has penned a series inspired by his childhood as a basketball prodigy. “Swagger” is the title of the series created by KD, Reggie Rock Bethwood and Brian Grazer, and produced by Thirty Five Ventures, Imagine Television Studios, CBS, and Undisputed Cinema.

So the story is based on a young phenomenon among the best prospects in the country, Jess Carson, played by Isaiah Hill. Around him are his friends and family, including his mother Gina. Actress Shinelle Azoroh is the one who plays a mother who is ready to do anything for her son to become a true NBA champion. His coach Ike, played by O’Shea Jackson Jr., will definitely take on the mentor role. Quickly, young Jess Carson will encounter a private world of young fans, who vacillate between dreams and opportunities as well as fantasies. Meet after meeting, rivalries will arise between Jess and his opponents from different backgrounds. Not forgetting the shepherds who will also come to put their year in the progress of the young prodigy. Inspired by the rise of KD, this ten-episode series should give us an overview of Thunder’s previous journey. Three episodes are available on October 29, then one episode per week, every Friday until December 17, 2021. See you today on Apple TV + to see if KD is as good at scripting as at scoring in any situation.

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Kevin Durant is talked about in the audiovisual world. The “Swagger” series is partially resuming its rise to the highest level. So popcorn and we sit back and watch what we’re already declaring as crazy. By the way, who pays for an Apple TV + account?

Source text: Kevin Durant, Thirty Five Ventures.