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Coelho: First confirmed case of monkeypox in Massiminimba

Coelho: First confirmed case of monkeypox in Massiminimba

On Friday 10 June, Koelu Regional Health Minister Dr Bina Motoyi announced the registration of confirmed cases of monkeypox or monkeypox in Masimanimba province and in other areas of his province.

In Masimanimba, the disease was reported a month earlier, and in other areas suspected cases were reported.

“Okay, so far, the province has recorded 7 cases of monkeypox, including one confirmed case in Masimanimba Health District, and six suspected cases distributed as follows: Gongo Health District with one suspected case. Mwanza with one suspected case, Kikongo with one suspected case and Mukalla with three suspected cases”Minister’s detail.

The patients are isolated and are being well taken care of, and the minister, who indicated that all contact cases are being followed up well, was reassured.

“The confirmed case in Masimimanimba Health District is progressing very well. The patient has been isolated and treated for symptoms. You know so far there is no monkeypox vaccine, so he is fine, and the last scab is falling. A case of contact with signs of disease.Dr. said.

In addition, samples of these suspicious cysts were sent to the National Institute for Biomedical Research (INRB) for further investigation.

“It is an impulsive disease that appears as a vesicular-papular rash that eventually falls off as the disease progresses. There is the fever that accompanies it.”Dr. Motoi explained.

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