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Brexit.  No, there are no 6 million European foreigners in the UK!

Brexit. No, there are no 6 million European foreigners in the UK!

The registration number of registration permit applications filed before the June 30 deadline does not actually apply to the population of European citizens who immigrated to the country. Descriptions.

As of June 30, more than 6 million Europeans had applied for a residence permit (Solution level) In the United Kingdom, the British Home Office recorded less than 400,000 requests a month, according to Home Office figures. Report The Freedom.

“Having received more than 6 million applications is an unprecedented success and I am pleased that we guarantee the rights of many European citizens, including our friends, neighbors and our family members.” British Home Secretary Priti Patel welcomed.

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Applicants who no longer reside in the UK

Above all estimates, this figure helped some commentators to say that they represent 9% of the total population of the United Kingdom (which officially has a population of 67 million).

Lying! Withdraw experts from the National Statistical Office (ONS) and the Migration Laboratory at Oxford University for its development Provided by Defender. “The very high number of residence permit applications is not a measure of the population of EU nationals living in the UK because it includes millions of people living there.

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