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Véronique Béliveau underwent a delicate operation

Véronique Béliveau underwent a delicate operation

Véronique Béliveau is currently recovering after she had to undergo a rather invasive surgery.

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It was her wife, Joselito Michaud, who made the announcement on Friday, June 30, on his Instagram account.

He gave a telling about the person he shared his life with nearly 30 years ago, noting that she had undergone a corneal transplant in her right eye. This interference occurred because, he explains, she had spent the past few months seeing less and less. She would eventually have to perform the same procedure on her left eye.

Fortunately, the host and author are reassuring, saying everything worked out fine, and cover it with praise in passing.

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“VÉRONIQUE had a corneal transplant.
After months of seeing her less and less, Véronique had to undergo this delicate procedure on her right eye in a hospital operating room this week. Everything worked fine. She is recovering next month. In a few months she will have to do the left eye.
I find her brave as always.
This woman will always impress me.

Many subscribers wished him a speedy recovery.

We hope he gets better quickly!

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