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This favorite comedian from District 31 can be seen in “Indefensible”

This favorite comedian from District 31 can be seen in “Indefensible”

We got to see Yves Jacob, the unforgettable District 31 detective interpreter, in last season’s Perfect Moments and Men series.

Across the musical’s hair red carpet, where he was accompanied by his daughter Zoely Lambron-Fournier who also acts in front of the cameras, the amiable actor Marc Fournier was able to confirm some good news for us: We’ll be able to. I see it in the second season.

In fact, this one got him an episodic role in TVA Daily, just like this other actor.

Here’s what he wanted to tell us about her: I just finished a bit of a great indefensible character, and I had a lot of fun doing it. »

I am part of the story of a case that will come to court. I play a good guy who ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s a really nice story, I loved playing it. Obviously, I can’t say what it is, as it indicates other plots to come or already in place he adds.

We can’t wait to find out in this context, who made a climax District 31.

Note that we can also find Marc Fournier in the new Lakay Nou series. Furthermore, the actor has been filming certain scenes this week: “ It is by Frederic Pierre. He’s with a nice band of Haitians and I can’t wait to meet all of this cute team. »

Marc Fournier is also part of the play Bedalo, which is touring through Quebec this summer. Moreover, this assures us that the play will be shown in the cinema. The film will be shot in Cuba this fall and will star Catherine Proulx-Lemay and Camille Felton.

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