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It’s over for two important Radio-Canada television journalists

It’s over for two important Radio-Canada television journalists

A page of history turns into RDI. Journalist and news anchor Genevieve Aslin announced her retirement in the middle of a newscast.

It must be said that she has worked for over 38 years for Radio Canada and was already part of the beginnings of RDI, Radio Canada’s ongoing news channel.

Remember, she hosted the first RDI newsletter.

“It’s an adventure that began for me 38 years ago at Radio Canada. And yes, I’m retired. It’s filled before in Vancouver, in Ottawa, in Montreal, elsewhere, full of really cool moments. That was RDI’s first bulletin on January 1, 1995. Especially amazing. And it makes me very funny to see these pictures of me when I was very young, long ago. Anyway, it was a turning point, because it opened the door to animation for me. So, it was such an honor to be at the forefront of the news with you , and to be able to cross-examine the actors, and the pleasure of scooping out the relevant truth, and to find the right words to say, and to explain, and the honor of delivering it. The air is the fruit of the labor of all of us, here, with colleagues from everywhere, thanks to our public broadcaster in whom I fervently believe. All This is for your service. Basic information. So a big thank you from the bottom of my heart to you, our dear viewers, to you, dear colleagues.

She is not the only one who has announced her retirement. The public channel has announced on social media that colleague Martine Devoe is also leaving Radio Canada for the same reasons.

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We wish them an excellent retirement!

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