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Patrick Howard responds to Dennis Bombardier’s incendiary LOL column: Who’s going to laugh last?

Denis Bombardier spared no words (Read it here) Speaking of novelty lol: who will laugh last?, So is Christine Morency, who stars in the show.

The latter responded to Mrs. Bombardier’s column on these terms on the radio this week. Then host Patrick Howard spoke about it during his visit to the set Two golden men and Rosalie.

It’s an excellent column I wrote in the 94th, in the 99th, in 2004, in 2007, I read this column a lot He says first.

Add : ” What I don’t like is the intellectual shorthand: Don’t be surprised if you laugh at a fart joke that one day you’ll all go bankrupt, the devil may take your family. Irrelevant! Someone made a great fart joke, we laughed at the fart joke, there’s nothing there! »

Everywhere we’re told: “It’s okay comedians, your opinions, you can’t change the world! Ah no? Ben Criss, we can apparently change the world with our farts! Imaginary Pregnant!” It concludes to the applause of the audience in the studio.

see the ” An excellent fart joke ” Referred to In this article.

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Note that the six episodes of LOL: Who will laugh last? Available on Amazon Prime Video.

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