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L’obligation vaccinale entre en vigueur ce mercredi pour les agents hospitaliers notamment

Var unvaccinated healthcare providers will come to work on Wednesday

The vaccination obligation, announced by Emmanuel Macron in mid-July, comes into effect on Wednesday, September 15, 2021. Suspended, without payIf they have not received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Stephanie, nursing assistant at Dragoinan

The young woman is not “Anti-vaccination but compulsory vaccination”. Without a vaccine, the Draguignan caregiver will still present herself Wednesday in her department: “Yes, I will go because, let us not forget that after the health crisis, our hospitals are very understaffed. Will the department head accept me or Will he ask me to go home? I do not know.” Varoise knows her absence can weigh on her colleagues but “It’s really our daily life to make up for the shortage of staff.”

Cyril, caregiver at Heyer

Cyril, another unvaccinated nursing assistant, works at a hospital in Heyer. as expected “to get home quickly” Wednesday morning because he will not be able to provide the vaccination schedule: “that it _jumping into the void_. My wife also works in the hospital, and she has not been vaccinated either. So we find ourselves unpaid with a family to feed but I am prepared for that because it is essential for me to have a choice. There we do not have, so it is extortion, it is not possible for me.”

Leave, RTT, or leave others

Other agents have decided to take a leave of absence or RTT effective September 15th. Others will get their overtime back. “After this period, the administration has three days to receive them and formally notify them of their suspension.” CGT-Santé 83’s Isabelle Godard explains.

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At the call of the CGT, hospital agents and firefighters demonstrated against the vaccine obligation Tuesday morning in front of the Prefecture of Toulon. © Radio France
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