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Science Festival on stage France |  echo

Science Festival on stage France | echo

Do you know science on stage France or Europe – from teachers to teachers?…

Teachers, science teachers of high school, college and elementary school, and holder of a science culture project, you are strongly invited to this event supported by ENS Lyon.
Six teams will present the projects before sharing them with their European colleagues at the biennial Science on Stage Europe Festival in Prague in March 2022.

Description and how to video call Wednesday, September 15th from 2pm-4:30pm:
http: // …

An additional selection may be made before 24 September for late applicants who wish to submit their project and thus be part of the French delegation in Prague.…

Why not your turn to enjoy sharing and learning from your fellow Europeans.
http: //……

To contact Philippe Gangacot – Head of Theater Science in France… : [email protected]

See you soon in the science community on stage! See you Wednesday with video from 3 pm to 2 pm!

An example of a project from Académie Grenoble presented at the Science-on-Stage 2019 Festival in Cascais Portugal, jointly with a teacher from the School of Fontaine and a physics teacher at the high school”.Giant @ school(2017) andSharing science from primary school to university(IEN Fontaine / House for Science / Lycée Europole / Phelma INP) (2019)
2019: …2017:…

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