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Valery Nikushkin poses with an assault rifle

Valery Nikushkin poses with an assault rifle

Colorado Avalanche color holder Valery Nechushkin is clearly a deeply tormented individual, because after leaving his team under bizarre circumstances during the recent playoffs, he posted pictures of himself at the risk of earning more trouble.

The 28-year-old hockey player looks very happy in his hometown of Chelyabinsk, Russia, however, he uses some dangerous ‘games’ for fun. Indeed, he appears on his Instagram account as a man ready for armed combat. One of the clips in his story shows him holding an assault rifle alongside his black car. As for the other, he is more sensitive, because he stands by someone he describes as a brother. This appears shirtless with the respective firearm. In both images, a smiling Nikushkin points his fist — left, then right — forward, with his 2022 Stanley Cup ring visible.

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If National League Commissioner Gary Pittman took notes, the skater could be fined for all of his actions. In basketball, the NBA sanctioned Ja Morant with 25 games for similar reasons. Nichushkin once embarrassed himself when a drunk woman was in his hotel room in Seattle when the Avalanche was in town for their series against the Kraken. He was due to play in the third round match but did not play again as he left the club’s entourage.

And the organization made it clear last June that it expects to see the athlete again at the next training camp, according to the “Denver Gazette”.