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Vaccination Pass: Some customers face a wall

Vaccination Pass: Some customers face a wall

A couple were denied entry to a restaurant in downtown Trois-Rivieres, Maurice, for the first time on Wednesday, because there was no evidence that one of them had been vaccinated.

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A new reality for Quebecers: you have to present your vaccination passport, 1 . agoHe is September, to enter a restaurant, bar and other places considered non-essential.

“I’ve been vaccinated, but not my friend! So, we’re out and about to take the door. There we wonder if we won’t go home to order delivery, because we’re hungry. I find this painful,” denounced the denied access client.

Co-owner of the downtown restaurant, Binerie Chik, admitted turning down two or three pairs of customers on Wednesday. “One customer said to me this morning, ‘You don’t want me to encourage you, you’re firing me,'” but it’s not about firing them, we should enforce the rule. We don’t have a choice. On the other hand, there seem to be fewer clients today. Shawn explained. Coté: “We are less in the game, we will have to lay off staff because we are planning staff for customers who are not there.”

Restaurant owners installed new posters in their entrances. They purchased mobile phones and tablets to scan their customers’ passports for vaccinations by government app.

“It’s very simple! We are using the tablet and since this morning we have not had a problem. Sometimes you have to play with the brightness or the angle of the device depending on the paper, but it goes well,” said a waitress.

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“A year ago, when the mask arrived, people were saying: 30% of customers are not coming in anymore, but they were finally there! Then there I feel like there is less hesitation compared to the passport from the mask! People feel safer when they come in and eat when they are vaccinated. All customers doubly,” explained the owner of Le Brasier 1908 bar-restaurant, Yves Beaudoin.

Proof of vaccination is required in indoor rooms and outdoor events for more than 50 people

The owner of sports centers in the Mauritius region, Laurie Bellerive, has made an agreement with members who do not wish to receive vaccination: their subscription is suspended until the measure is lifted.

Almost all of the members came back this morning with the vaccination manual and were ready to check everything was correct. So the vast majority were ready and everything was going well,” M.I Bellerive.

And in theaters there is no franchise for viewers who bought their tickets before the new rule.

“All the people who bought their ticket before August 30, well, if they don’t have the vaccination passport and they ask for a refund, it will be refunded. On the other hand, from August 30, when people buy their tickets, they will have to check their purchase and they are fully aware of the regulations ‘,” confirmed the Kojiko Amphitheater’s general manager, Steve Dube.

“We can’t get a free pass. I know the government talked about a 15-day period, but it’s really to help companies buy devices, but when people have paper proof, they’ll have to come with the newspaper anyway. Proof that they got vaccinated properly. Appropriate,” said Deputy Director General of Trois-Rivieres Culture, Valerie Bourgeois.

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