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“Employers have the right to require their employees to be vaccinated,” says François Legault.

“Employers have the right to require their employees to be vaccinated,” says François Legault.

Employers must do everything they can to limit the spread of the virus and have the “right” to require their employees to be vaccinated, François Legault believes.

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“I want to be clear, employers have the right to require their employees to be vaccinated. The Prime Minister said on Wednesday.

While presenting the vaccine passport, Mr Legault explained that it would be imposed on non-essential activities, such as bars, restaurants and cinemas, but only for customers. But since then, he noted, companies can use this passport to screen their employees, and that some may lose their jobs.

During the past week, journalists who wish to participate in government press conferences must show evidence of vaccination. I think we must make sure that all necessary measures are taken to limit the spread of the virus. “I think it’s normal to make sure we take two doses,” said Mr. Legault.

“In some jobs, you have to go back to work and think about factories. It is the employer’s decision that will ensure the safety of employees and other customers,” he said.

For his part, Economy Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon said he supports the use of the vaccine passport in companies.

Labor Minister Jean Boulet, who has a long experience in labor law, is on his part more nuanced and contradicts Mr. Legault on the issue of dismissal. He asserts that immunization status “cannot be a factor in employment discrimination” and cannot be “used as a justification for firing a person.”

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“In a workplace where there is a dangerous possibility of spreading the virus if people come to work without the vaccine, the employer can force the vaccine. But having said that I would not recommend him to fire him if he has not been vaccinated. The Minister explained that there are alternative means: to absorb it, put it back in place Another where there is no risk, after which he will have to decide on the escalation sanctions.”