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US: Louisiana judge temporarily bans abortion ban

US: Louisiana judge temporarily bans abortion ban

The Supreme Court has Crush the case of Roe v. valley which has guaranteed, for nearly 50 years, the right of American women to resort to voluntary termination of pregnancy (abortion), giving states the freedom to ban abortions.

Many immediately rushed to announce miscarriage illegal on their lands, relying in particular on laws that have so far lain dormant. Others intend to reduce the delay in abortion.

The legal counterattack was swift, with complaints lodged in state rather than federal courts.

Invalidation of the Roe v. Case. Valley under watch

In Louisiana, the clinic and medical students attacked the Three Prohibited Laws miscarriageassuming that they are, too waves It does not clearly define the exceptions or penalties associated with them.

On Monday, Judge Ruben Giarroso suspended those laws until the July 8 hearing.

Abortions can resume in Louisianaimmediately tweeted the Center for Reproductive Rights, which represented the plaintiffs.

An open clinic every day can have a positive impact on a person’s life.its president, Nancy Northup, added in a press release.

That victory may only be short-lived, as Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry promised to do everything in [son] The power to ensure that laws protecting unborn children apply.

Similar battles are taking place all over the country. In Utah, a court has temporarily suspended a ban on abortion, following a complaint filed by the powerful Planned Parenthood Association.

This represents A victory, but this is only the first step in a battle that will undoubtedly be long and difficultsuspended the assembly, which initiated these actions on the grounds that the prohibition of abortion, according to it, violates the state constitution.

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The same argument was made in Florida by critics of a law lowering to 15 weeks the legal deadline for abortion, which must go into effect on Friday.

Other actions take place in Ohio and Kentucky, in particular.

These gangs should delay the deadline, but according to the Guttmacher Institute, half of the states, especially in the South and in the conservative and religious milieu, should ban abortions on their territory for nearly the long term.