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'It's unbelievable that she survived': A missing woman has been found in the wild thanks to a train passenger

‘It’s unbelievable that she survived’: A missing woman has been found in the wild thanks to a train passenger

A train passenger helped find a woman who had been missing for two days and injured while hiking.

Aboard the Durango in Colorado on October 10, the woman was looking out the window when she spotted the park. I called a train clerk.

This New Mexico American went missing after starting her Colorado Trail ride. She left the trail to go to the bank of the Animas River, where she fell and broke her leg.

The woman was injured, she spent two nights in nature.

“It’s amazing that she survived. She had no food, little water and no survival equipment,” said Diane Gallegos, a spokeswoman for the San Juan County Office of Emergency Management.

After her second night, the American managed to find a visible spot on the bank and waved for a passing train.

Two employees working on the train crossed the river and remained with the passenger until the rescue team arrived.

The rescue operation was complicated: a search and rescue team was brought in with the help of a helicopter. The ropes were later used to transport the injured woman across the river. Then the patient was transported by helicopter to a nearby hospital.

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