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US confirms interstellar collision in Pacific Ocean - La Novel Tribune

US confirms interstellar collision in Pacific Ocean – La Novel Tribune

Almost three years later, TheHypothesis of two Harvard astronomers Who insisted thatA galaxy fell into the Pacific Ocean Has been confirmed By U.S. officials. In a previously filed note, The U.S. Space Commission said ThatA ball of fire in Papua New Guinea In 2014, in fact, the first Known galaxy meteorite Fall on Earth. Although U.S. officials Did not express more than what Researchers are skepticalabout that Such is the first confessionA capital invention, it was weighed down by bureaucracy.

According to SubThe result is not new, but derived from itAmir Siraj, a Harvard theoretical astronomer And his guide Abraham Lope Said “Avi Lobe” In a pre-print study 2019. Since then, Both scientists found it difficult to study Their peer review due to the bureaucracy surrounding the matter. Most information about the small meteorite believed to have fallen in the South Pacific has been classified.Forcing Two astronomers Ignore US Government. L ‘Astronomer Avi Lope Proposed to his supporter Amir Siraj Start watching NASA Center Database for Near-Earth Object ResearchIt lists meteorites and fireballs, to see if there is any information.

Although it is The amazing discovery is undoubtedly excitingThe Twins of astronomers She soon realized that she could not get it Accurate data on the velocity margin error of the objectBecause Some of the same high-tech sensors as well Used to detect such objectsOur army Follow one Potential nuclear activityAccurate Sub. This “Full History”As Amir Siraj He called her and drove away Researchers to move the food chain further and further down To get Stabilizing the speed of the object By the government.

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Many years later, the article was not reviewed Lope and Siraj Submitted it Letters from the Journal of AstronomyFinished in the inbox Joel MoserChief Scientist U.S. Space Force Space Operations Command. This difficult fortune led to the first confirmation of this genre Annual Space Seminar of the Space FoundationThe Deputy Commander of the U.S. Space Command, John ShawIt’s really one. “A galactic object“In Note is now classified.