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UNIVERSE: What space is there for women in science?

UNIVERSE: What space is there for women in science?

Today's Epic-Epoque conference is an unlikely encounter between theater, the pure and hard sciences, and life in society.
Theater is a show presented by the National Theater in Strasbourg entitled
Cosmos, which premiered in Strasbourg on Wednesday, April 3, 2024. The hard science is astrophysics, and we know that it is not necessarily easy to understand. Finally, life in society is where we want to leave women. These three intersecting approaches, through true story, and through personal experiences, will allow us to reflect together on the space remaining for women in access to knowledge, university careers, and, more generally, in the pursuit of their own ambitions.

Viewpoints shared by our three speakers:
Yves Balorin → Equality and diversity trainer, teacher “Equality between girls and boys and anti-discrimination” at INSPE (National Higher Institute of Teaching and Education) in Colmar
Carolyn Bott → Astrophysicist at the Strasbourg Astronomical Observatory
Mayel Pozzi → Author, director and director of the Dijon Bourgogne Theater.

Travel, meditation, discussions between…

– Introduction and origin of the universe view.
– The experience and history of a female astrophysicist: Are women created to do science? The story of Sally Ride and the elephant metaphor.
– Gender roles and patriarchy in education: perspectives and reflections for the future in the field of research and equal opportunities. The concept of ecofeminism.

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