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Byrne-Augmontel.  Opening of pyrenol space

Byrne-Augmontel. Opening of pyrenol space

After 3 years of work, Espace Payrinol was officially opened.

It is the culmination of a project that requires a lot of time and perseverance. In his speech, Mayor Christophe Monnet recounted the history of this new multi-association centre. “Outside the entertainment center, it seemed necessary to us to create a building for all associations, so that we could combine intellectual, cultural, sporting and intergenerational activities. From rebuilding a building dedicated to receiving children, we wanted to design a building with an area of ​​600 square meters open to the largest possible number of people, which Up to 300 people and up to 90 children for the center.The name of the Pyrignol space was chosen by the associations.

The park will be revegetated with environmental considerations in mind, and the absorbent tar parking lot has been designed to highlight the ancient cedar trees that symbolize the place.

“The building includes three large rooms for the center’s children, a dining hall with a kitchen and offices, a multi-activity room with an adjacent library, a large room for sports, singing, music and arts, and living and theater spaces. It will also accommodate 240 students from the two neighboring schools in the town.”

Budget 1.1 million euros

The project cost is more than €1,100, of which approximately €1,000,000 is for the 80% subsidized building. “The State supported us by 45%, the Region by 10%, the Ministry by 8%, CACM by 10% and the European Union by 6%. CAF also provided great support for the purchase of equipment. Thank you all.” However, the efforts of Payrin-Augmontel are still significant at just over 300,000 euros which will benefit local associations as well as many children throughout the Mazamtén Basin.

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The mayor pointed out the primary goal of this project. “Providing all means to achieve the best possible development for children, conveying our democratic and social values, and conveying the taste of effort through sports, culture and living together.”