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United States: Mysterious streaks of light seen in California skies

As Californians celebrated St. Patrick’s Day on Friday evening, March 17, mysterious streaks of light appeared in the sky over the Sacramento area. This scene lasted only about 40 seconds.

A light show. On Friday, March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, residents of the Sacramento, California area were surprised to see some mysterious streaks of light appear in the sky, raising questions about the origin of the sighting, which lasted only 40 seconds.

“What is that?” asked the owner of King Kong Brewing in a video posted on Instagram.

While the sighting lasted only a few seconds, some witnesses believed it was shooting stars. Others have also noted the tracks of several “UFOs”.

Space debris

According to astronomer Jonathan McDowell, these mysterious streaks of light are actually space debris that heated up and started burning as they entered the atmosphere at high speeds, he explained to the American press. Associated Press.

The astronomer also shared that “a Japanese communications device that sent information from the International Space Station to a communications satellite, which was then sent back to Earth, became obsolete when the satellite crashed in 2017.”

“The equipment, weighing 310 kilograms, was ejected from the space station in 2020 as it took up space and would burn up completely upon re-entry into the atmosphere,” he added.

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