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"Europeans need to get out of innocence," Macron said

“Europeans need to get out of innocence,” Macron said

Paris | French President Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday that “Europeans must come out of their innocence” by drawing on the “consequences” of America’s new strategic choices and return to competition with China.

“When we are under the influence of forces that sometimes make it difficult, reactive, we also show that we have the power and the ability to defend ourselves is not allowed to increase, it simply makes us respectful,” he stressed during a press conference. Conference with the Greek Prime Minister in response to France’s loss of the Australian Treaty on Submarines for the benefit of the United States.

“The United States is an ally in terms of best historical friends and values, but for more than ten years we have been forced to look at the fact that the United States was initially centered on itself, and has strategic interests shifting itself towards China and the Pacific,” he underlined.

“It is their right, it is their own sovereignty. But here too we will be innocent, or make a terrible mistake, we do not want to take all the consequences ourselves,” he insisted, selling three warships with a strike sales contract.

“As Europeans, with the same practicality and the same clarity, we must take our part in our own defense. This is not an alternative to the alliance with the United States, but to consider this European pillar within the framework of NATO. We are asked to take more responsibility for our own security, so I think it is legitimate to do so. Is at hand, ”he concluded.

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The September 15 announcement of a strategic partnership between the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom, which resulted in the cancellation of the mega deal for French submarines in Canberra, has caused a major diplomatic crisis between France and the United States.