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United States.  He privatizes a cinema to give his wife an incredible wedding gift

United States. He privatizes a cinema to give his wife an incredible wedding gift

Drew Godfrey sets aside a surprise for his wife Kyla on the eve of their 14th anniversary Wedding. For this, he a Theater. The couple reunited on July 20, 2007 in Harrisburg, Oregon (United States) I thought her wedding video was accidentally deleted Fox News In an article identified by Huffington Post. The husband found the pictures and showed them to his wife on the big screen.

The friend wanted to convert the pictures taken on the wedding day to a DVD, and Godfreys discovered that the video cassette was empty after their honeymoon. Disappointed, both Americans accepted the stroke of this rule. But a Harrisburg church friend who was a friend of the couple found a record of the religious ceremony among old cassettes stored in the church. He identified two wives there.

His reaction was published on Dictok

Drew Godfried, alerted to the discovery, decided to reveal its existence to his wife in an original way. He invited Kyla to the cinema where he thought he was watching one of his favorite movies. But after the trailers, pictures of the wedding appeared. The 35-year-old American released a video capturing his wife’s reaction Tic Tac Toe July 21. After discovering the pictures, Kyla Godfrey began to laugh and cry emotionally with her eyes unbelievable.

“This is a big surprise” Not organized by her husband, the American commented. The popularity of the post on the social network was viewed 6.6 million times, and the couple was greatly surprised. Several digital copies of Godfrey’s wedding video were made for security.

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