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Ukrainian counterattack: "12 weapons depots were bombed," says a specialist

Ukrainian counterattack: “12 weapons depots were bombed,” says a specialist

The Ukrainian armed forces recently received shipments of long-range missiles from the United States.

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A former military intelligence officer, Simon Leduc, explains the utility of multiple rocket launchers for Ukrainian forces at the front.

“The HIMARS system can fire up to six missiles or have the ability to launch missiles with a longer range,” he says.

The US government has warned Ukraine that the missiles should not reach Russian territory.

The HIMARS system would have enabled the army to target a large arms depot in the Kherson region, which has been controlled by Russian forces since March.

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“In the past few days, dozens of deposits have been exposed. The missiles can have a range of 80 km and a maximum range of 500 km, but the Americans did not give them this ability,” he adds.

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Simon Leduc claims that HIMARS launchers can be easily moved from one place to another, making it difficult for the Russians to destroy the system.

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