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UFC 264: Conor McGregor breaks his ankle;  Dustin Poirier wins Chapter 3 of the treble

UFC 264: Conor McGregor breaks his ankle; Dustin Poirier wins Chapter 3 of the treble

Dustin Poirier won the third chapter of a hat-trick against Conor McGregor on Saturday in the UFC 264 Final at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, with McGregor breaking his left ankle at the end of the first round.

The Irishman attempted a kick for his opponent in the final seconds of the standoff, sagging his ankle under his weight when his attempt failed.

The series came at the conclusion of the initial furious clash between the two opponents, who faced each other for the second time in 2021, after winning by knockout. Poirier acquired it in January.

It was not surprising that the “notorious” doctor was prevented from resuming work after a quick examination of his injury, ending the confrontation.

MacGregor, who predicted that Poirier would return from the octagon on a stretcher, was the one who ultimately needed that extra help to get back into the locker room.

Addressing the crowd, Pourier said, “They say karma is a father **** … Tonight, karma was like a mirror.” “This guy said the right things to motivate me. The line was crossed when he talked about killing before the fight. I had a high degree of training, and now I just defeated him.”

Still leaning into the cage after hearing his opponent’s comments, McGregor took the microphone from Joe Rogan and insisted “it’s not over yet”. So we can imagine that McGregor would want a fourth fight, although it’s entirely possible that a long recovery awaits him.

After the dust settled once again, UFC president Dana White confirmed that McGregor will undergo leg surgery on Sunday morning.

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It now looks very likely that Poirier will face Brazilian lightweight champion Charles Oliveira in his next fight. The latter was also present and stated that he is ready to meet Al Masa before the end of the year if necessary.

DrBurns takes care of Thompson

In the evening’s semi-finals, Brazil’s Gilbert Burns won the welterweight fight by unanimous decision over American Stephen “Wanderboy” Thompson.

Burns threw throws at his 38-year-old opponent in the first and third engagements to secure the judges’ favour; Each of them dealt 29-28 cards.

Burns (UFC 13-4) was on his first outing since losing to 170-pound champion Kamaru Usman in the UFC 258 main fight this past February.

Thompson was back in the losing column, having racked up wins in his previous two matches, against Vicente Luke and Jeff Neal.

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“Dustin is leaving on a stretcher!” “