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Twenty-two Houghton artists to discover at Espace Culturel

Twenty-two Houghton artists to discover at Espace Culturel

The 22 Hotton artists or participants of the Watercolor Workshop will be exhibiting through February 12th at Espace Culturel. More than 130 works to enjoy.

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From the ceramics of Dominique Opez to the oils of Aron Lalemand, drawings, paintings, collages, sculptures, drawings and photographs occupy the shoulders at Espace Culturel de Hotton. In all, twenty-two originators, from Houghton, or participants in his watercolor workshop. “We were impressed with the number of responses that were received. Each is contained in a maximum of six works. To respect the balance in terms of space, some of them were limited“, explains Jennifer Wassener, cultural animator. Among these artists, we met on Saturday afternoon is Lillian Raskin. She knows very well the places where she first showed over fifteen years ago. A touch of everything, as she describes herself, transformed Hottonaise these to ceramics.”I suggest a change around the family, but it has to be said a little disorganized. I didn’t want to color it so I added manganese and did two burns“Work the ground. Kneading and modeling it until giving it feminine and sensual shapes, this is one of the lines that Giselle Girard sought.”I like to start from nothing, the raw materials. Take the time to see it evolve into my sculpturesAt the bend of the two chambers, a few steps are enough to change the universe. From one world as it is, penciled by Pierre Paet… to another, as conceived, by Thomas Nemerlin.”For his models, he does everything from the ground up: he paints the sets, knocks out the cars, and creates that cinematic atmosphere, in a world beyond.comments Lillian Raskin. And above all, how can you not look at those captured by Frédéric Fiornel, multi-time award-winning videographer and photographer, for his outstanding moments…from Ethiopia at the Houghton Cultural Centre. The exhibition is open until February 12th:

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