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Science God Saves the French Passage in the Mississippi and Fear of Artificial Intelligence?


Toby Byron


What to remember from this Wednesday morning, February 1st?

Science is with God’s help

Former Dominican Jack Arnold came to Great witness Answer the following question: Does science help God?
The author of God Needs No Evidence (Ed Albin Michel) questions the meaning of faith and the role of science, which is at the heart of everything.
This guest said, “The age-old debate between science and faith must find its balance.”

French Mississippi Pass

Head of restoration projects French Heritage Society, Isabelle de la Rouliere shares the meaning of her project created in the United States.
a guest Testimony of the day He insists on the importance of this project, which anchors France in American history.

Should we be afraid of chatGPT?

Vincent Murch, guest Question of the day It answers the question: Should we be afraid of chatGPT?
“AI cannot be completely controlled by humans,” asserts this editorial, who extols the benefits of such intelligence but cautions against its use.

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