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Turning heads, Oprah Winfrey speaks candidly about her weight loss

Turning heads, Oprah Winfrey speaks candidly about her weight loss

While serving as executive producer for the film’s world premiere VioletOprah Winfrey, who surprised many with her new figure, agreed to talk about her weight loss.

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“It’s not one thing, it’s a whole,” the 69-year-old star said. Entertainment tonightWho asked her how she achieved these results.

“I want to stay that way. I was on the treadmill today,” said the famous performer, who wore a purple dress at the Academy of Motion Picture Museum in Los Angeles.

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By supervising the painting Your desired lifestyle category: Weight status Last September, Oprah Winfrey spoke out about her weight issues. “You all know it’s been a challenge most of my life.”

“My highest weight was 237 pounds,” she added. “I don’t know if there’s anyone else in the audience who has witnessed their weight issues being exploited over the years.”

“You’ve all seen me go on diet after diet after diet. […] “It’s repetitive, where my body always seems to want to get back to a certain weight,” Oprah explained.

“It’s a world that has long shamed overweight people,” she added. Anyone who has experienced this knows that people treat them differently. They do it immediately.”

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Oprah Winfrey has especially felt this judgment in stores. “People say: Let me show you the gloves. Or do you want to look at the handbags? Because we know there’s nothing here for you. There’s a compromise.”

Oprah Winfrey is an investor in WW (formerly Weight Watchers), as well as a follower of the program. She is also the executive producer of the film Violetor Violet In French, which will be shown in theaters on December 25.

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