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Model Mohamed Regis ends her acting career in Algeria - video

Model Mohamed Regis ends her acting career in Algeria – video

Netizens seem to have won. Algerian artist Mohamed Regis and model announced in a video clip posted on social networking sites his decision to leave the Algerian cinema square.

It is well known that being a public figure is no easy task. By displaying his art, we are also exposing his person to criticism, often malicious, and sometimes malicious, from viewers.

After several years of suffering criticism from viewers, the well-known actor for his role in the Ramadan series Yama “Radio last year and this year also, I just made a drastic decision to end his career in Algeria.

Early retirement

The artist begins his message, wishing Ramadan to the Algerians, before suggesting that it will be the last holy month they will watch on television in Algeria. “ It seems like I’m too heavy for some, prefer retiring with honor He shouted, adding that his grandfather taught him to retire from a house where he was not welcome.

Mohamed Regis apologizes to the Algerian people for the same reasons that would have pushed them to make the decision to withdraw from the scene. On several occasions, we have heard him repeat that he is nothing but Simple actor “, a ” Hobby ».

Origin of the criticisms

Algerians were famous for looking for the slightest mistake in mocking him, and the Algerians did not fail to make Mohamed Regis the subject of all sarcasm after a scene from the series. Yama Where he can be seen crying.

This excerpt, which was supposed to be animated, ended up becoming a fragile topic for fans of gratuitous evil. Others, more objectively, simply pointed the finger at his bad behavior. However, both parties called on the actor to give up filming.

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Nothing changes

Even under the video announcing the end of his career, netizens couldn’t take it easy. Indeed, they were delighted to hear the news and shouted. ” It is not too early! Some have reacted. On the other hand, others praised his efforts and congratulated him for the progress he had made since last year in the second season of “. Yama ».

But this does not seem enough to console Mohamed Regis who has been clearly influenced by the critics. However, the actor specifies every time he discusses his retirement that he The Algerian scene », Which may suggest that he will be open to international experiences, and perhaps less bargaining.