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A BBC presenter opens the news bulletin with her middle finger

A BBC presenter opens the news bulletin with her middle finger

Christmas bloopers got off to a flying start in England, with a BBC journalist accidentally opening the news with his middle finger.

Maryam Moshiri, presenter of BBC News Now, who may have thought she was off the air, was guilty of an obscene gesture on Wednesday that surprised viewers of the British channel during prime time.

Except that, in a split second, the presenter quickly resumed her serious demeanor that belied her middle finger in the air to the camera: “Live from London, you’re watching BBC News.”

In a short time, the scene that spread around the world went viral on social networks, where netizens commented extensively on the BBC news presenter’s gesture.

One netizen, who was in no way shocked by the journalist’s mistake, wrote: “I hope she doesn’t get fired for this,” while another said in a humorous tone: “First honest thing at the BBC in decades.”

In the face of the uproar caused by her well-deserved gaffe at the end of the year, journalist Moshiri took to X (formerly Twitter) to offer her sincere apologies to the British network’s audience.

“I was joking with the crew and I am very sorry for broadcasting this moment live! This was in no way my intention, and I apologize if this gesture offended anyone (…).”

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