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Trump's victory in Iowa: concerns even in Quebec

Trump's victory in Iowa: concerns even in Quebec

If Canadians fear the political and economic consequences of Donald Trump's return to power, this feeling of insecurity becomes even more present the day after his landslide victory in Iowa.

In Stansted, Canadian and American citizens say they are worried and do not dare imagine the consequences that might result from the inauguration of the former Republican president, let alone his possible re-election next November.

Citizens in the municipality of Quebec, which borders Vermont's Derby Line, are in disbelief the day after Donald Trump won the Iowa primary. People cannot understand how the former US president was able to succeed in mobilizing Republican voters despite his many legal disputes.

Vermont has been traditionally Democratic for about forty years, although during the last election in 2020 the northern part of the state voted Republican.

At the bowling alley, TVA Nouvelles was able to feel the pulse of some American citizens. They find it difficult to hide their fears and do not even dare to imagine what would happen if Donald Trump wins the nomination, or worse, returns to the White House.

Emmanuel Choquet, a specialist in political strategies and communications at the University of Sherbrooke, believes that Trump's American rhetoric and the populist movement could have an impact on the 2025 federal elections in Quebec. His re-election will not be without consequences, and not just for Canada.

Next Tuesday's New Hampshire primary could be decisive. Many citizens express their concern in the hope that this trend will be reversed.