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“True Nature”: “If I had the choice, I would prefer the television adventure to continue.” – Claudine Desrochers

“True Nature”: “If I had the choice, I would prefer the television adventure to continue.” – Claudine Desrochers

Host Clodine Desrochers returned Sunday night to True naturehas disappeared from the airwaves in recent years.

On top of successful shows Claudine seasons And Simply put, Claudine For more than 13 years, the broadcaster who was at the top of the ratings admitted that she did not think about the rest of her career if her shows were cancelled.

“I'm not a professional. Maybe two years before it was finished, I said to myself: 'Okay, I'm starting to walk around in the garden,' but when it actually happens… Ah,” she said to Jean-Philippe Dion, explaining that he witnessed the end of the world. His show as a blacksmith.

“When it's time to go back to school and you don't have any opportunity to go back to school… that was hard… but it also required a break,” she said.

Claudine Derocher during her appearance on the La Verité Nature program, Sunday, March 24, 2024.

Photo courtesy of TVA

After leaving the airwaves, Claudine Desrochers began to change her career, becoming an actress in the medical and pharmaceutical field.

The broadcaster, who recently returned to the screen to appear in the broadcast of the second part, noted: “But if I had the choice, I would certainly have preferred for the television adventure to continue.”H season Get me out of here!.

“I felt the desire to make the offer, and it would be better if it would open doors for me,” Jean-Philippe Dion admitted on Sunday evening, without hiding her fear of disappointment.

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“I no longer dare to set too many expectations at this level. So that you won't be disappointed. Because I was too much.”

“My mother even asked for my coffin.”

During the weekend she spent in Jean-Philippe Dion's chalet, Claudine Desrochers revealed that she spent the first years of her life in hospital due to a congenital malformation of the digestive system, and that neither her parents nor the doctors knew about it.

“My mother gradually sank into depression. She even called the funeral home to ask for my small coffin,” she said, adding that her father then called to explain his wife's condition and cancel his orders.

Get me out of here! It airs Sundays at 6:30 pm on TVA. True nature It is yet to be broadcast voice9:30 p.m. These shows are available for catch-up VAT +.