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Kenny Omega talks about his backstage fight with CM Punk

Kenny Omega talks about his backstage fight with CM Punk

Kenny Omega is very active on Twitch as he waits to be able to return to AEW as we recently reported on Catch-Newz.

During its final broadcast this weekend, the topic of the backstage brawl at All Out between The Elite and CM Punk's clan was touched upon. Kenny Omega says that as a director, he wanted to create an atmosphere of peace, but he only managed to save CM Punk's dog:

I think my role as a director at All Out was to involve myself in the chaos and transform it into a peaceful environment. I was able to create an environment of peace for the most important person in this fight, which is Larry (CM Punk's dog). And I swear it sounds funny, but I view animals as the most important creatures in my life. So getting Larry out of there was the most important thing and it was a success.

Unfortunately, things were so messy that I couldn't correct the situation on my own. I think that's when I realized that the ways I want to deal with things aren't always the same for other people. […] And probably not the way the president wanted to handle it, either. And I consider myself responsible, I don't want to say old school, because I do a lot of combat sports, jiu-jitsu, boxing, and martial arts. I know that sometimes when you are performing or fighting and everything is on the line, you give your soul and your heart for something, and you are in a moment of extreme stress or anxiety and your energy is empty.

In an environment like this, sometimes emotions will take over and people will want to fight. I think sometimes the best way to solve things is to fight and then shake hands. That's why you shouldn't make me a manager in 2024, but sometimes I think it helps that way.

Kenny Omega points out that sometimes it's interesting to fight to evacuate and get everything out. He adds that it's not about being the best or showing up on social media.

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But that's not all, Kenny Omega also spoke about his relationship with CM Punk and confirmed that everything is going well on this front:

About CM Punk “It's mutual respect. We talked. It's not like everything is fine now. Due to a completely different factor, there was no talk of an all-out brawl. But there is no problem between me and him, at least as far as I know.

Omega ends up saying that there is a legal aspect and that he can't say everything, but even if he doesn't, he doesn't want to talk about it. He prefers to keep a personal story like this private.

You can see the full excerpt here:

Image source: AEW