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Trip to Disney: They got the wrong gift cards and ended up with $10,000 on Disney+

Trip to Disney: They got the wrong gift cards and ended up with $10,000 on Disney+

An American family who wanted to buy prepaid cards for Disney theme parks in Florida ended up receiving $10,000 worth of gift cards for Disney+ TV services, after a mistake.

“Yes. We have a $10,000 Disney Plus streaming service. That’s over 70 years of Disney+. We need help,” Andrea Coston, 41, said Monday in a video that went viral on TikTok and was reported by the New York Post.

In her video, which reached more than 2.7 million views in two days, the Illinois mother explained that her parents had purchased $10,000 worth of prepaid Disney+ gift cards, thinking they were theme park cards that would allow them to purchase tickets. And restaurant reservations.

@aofthecoast Do I have a story for you! please help! Note that the buyer is not familiar with Disney Plus and does not know the difference! Unintentional error. It’s not about financing the trip. It’s about finding someone who can help us transfer the money to the right gift card so we can get to Disney! @Disney Parks @Disney+ @Disney #ohno #fail #Disney #Disney world #DisneyPlus #DisneyFail #helps ♬ Oh no – Kripa

Except that a few days before departure, the forty-year-old had gone to their house to help them buy tickets for the 16 family members, as they were having difficulty entering numbers online, with a stack of scratched cards. Gifts worth $100 each.

That’s when I realized the problem.

“We’re leaving in 6 days and park tickets are selling out fast because it’s Christmas. Mom is upset, Dad is frustrated, and the kids are worried we won’t be able to get into Disney. Does anyone know who can help?” The mother summed up in her video.

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Along the way, the mother criticized the marketing of the cards for making it difficult to differentiate between them, noting that she did not believe her parents were allowed to buy “so many cards on streaming services” in the first place, according to the American newspaper.

Fortunately, the woman noted in a follow-up video that all is well that ends well for the family, while the company reportedly contacted her parents to convert Disney+ gift cards into Disney Parks gift cards.

“I’m glad the problem has been solved,” she said, looking grateful. I really hope this doesn’t happen to other people.