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Kanye West declares he’s no longer an anti-Semite thanks to Jonah Hill on ’21 Jump Street’

Kanye West announced Saturday that he’s ditching anti-Semitism, in an Instagram post writing that watching actor Jonah Hill in “21 Jump Street” made him “love Jews again.”

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The rapper, known formally as Ye, has been rocked in the past few months by a series of anti-Semitic remarks — he said repeatedly, “I love Hitler” — that have prompted sportswear giant Adidas and other fashion houses to cease their collaborations with him. It has also been banned from most social networks.

“Watching Jonah Hill at 21 Jump Street makes me love Jewish people again,” he wrote on his Instagram.

He continues, “No one should turn their anger against one or two individuals into hatred of millions of innocent people” before concluding: “No Christian can be considered an anti-Semite knowing that Jesus is Jewish. Thank you Jonah Hill, I love you.”

This statement was received with caution.

“It just doesn’t work like this Kanye. The damage is done. The seeds of hate I planted have already sprouted,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Last year, the rapper, who has been vocal about his psychological struggles, was briefly banned from Instagram last year for violating the social media’s harassment policy during his acrimonious divorce from reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

Adidas said earlier this month that it was still considering what to do with its massive inventory of Yeezy merchandise, after ending its partnership with Kanye West last October. When announcing its results for 2022, the group said that not selling clothes and shoes associated with the rapper would result in a loss of revenue of 1.2 billion euros.

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