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Too late to realize: The passenger with a severe allergy was “ignored” during the flight

Too late to realize: The passenger with a severe allergy was “ignored” during the flight

A young British traveler with a severe allergy to strawberries reportedly spent her flight to Ibiza “panicking” with fear after plane staff told her it was too late to accommodate her, when she would have told them that when boarding.

“They decided not to offer these products to people sitting in the rows closest to us, but not for the entire flight. I was horrified,” Chloe Fitzpatrick told MailOnline, according to The Independent on Monday.

Last month, the 24-year-old was preparing to board a flight from Manchester, England, to Ibiza when she informed staff of her severe allergy to strawberries, asking them to avoid serving fruit pastries, sweets, and strawberries, as well as strawberries. Gin and wine are on their menu.

However, the airline, which was not named by British media, reportedly responded that it was too late to fulfill his request, indicating instead that it would inform other passengers, without limiting the sale of its products.

The young woman and her sister, who was traveling alongside her, offered to buy all the items containing strawberries on the plane to prevent them from being sold to other passengers, but the employees “ignored” them, according to British media.

For its part, a spokesperson for the airline had reminded MailOnline that people with severe allergies should inform staff when booking tickets, “which was unfortunately not the case at this time.”

“Mrs Fitzpatrick only alerted us to her allergy when she boarded the plane. In such situations, we cannot remove products, as we cannot guarantee complete removal of all items that may contain allergens.

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This story comes just one month after Leah Williams, a passenger on another plane, had to buy 48 packets of nuts at a cost of about $235, three times a plane ticket from London to Dusseldorf, Germany, to prevent them from being sold after informing staff. Because of his extreme sensitivity.