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“It runs fast”: a huge animal roams the Stockholm metro

“It runs fast”: a huge animal roams the Stockholm metro

‘Running quickly’: A moose entered the tracks of a metro line on the outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden, on Wednesday morning, disrupting train traffic.

“At around 8 a.m., we received a call from the police informing us that there was a deer wandering around” near the capital’s network, Claes Kieso, spokesman for the district’s public transport regulator, told AFP from Stockholm.

Just before 11am (10am GMT), the animal entered the metro area, possibly by crossing the fence protecting the tracks.

Since then, the mammals have moved between four stations, using tunnels, resulting in SL interrupting traffic on the entire line. Mr. Kiso adds that alternative buses have been provided for travellers

Police, game wardens and members of the Capital Network were sent to the site to try to remove the moose or kill it as a last resort.

“We cut holes in the fence to show him the way out, but he doesn’t listen to us,” says Claes Kieso. “But it’s difficult, he runs everywhere so fast.”

“We are trying to stabilize it, and if we have to bring it down, it should be possible to do so without risk,” he points out.

SL hopes that traffic will resume in the afternoon.

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