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Margo: Look straight ahead and move on

Margo: Look straight ahead and move on

Just a few months before jumping into the void, Margo says she’s ready to take on the role of coach for the new season of “La Voix,” even though there’s still a large portion of the unknown that lies ahead.

In an interview with QMI, the singer-songwriter admitted that it’s still hard for her to anticipate everything this new challenge will demand of her and bring her back, but she’ll dive into the adventure – head first – anyway.

“It’s new to me. I’ve never had a role like this, but I’m going to live it up! I still have 46 years of experience in theatre, studio, writing, and everything that includes my career, so I don’t think I’m going to swim in nothingness.”

The rocker to whom we owe the radio songs “J’lâche pas”, “Ailleurs”, “Chats sauvage” and the undisputed anthem “Provocante” also admitted that he was never the type who did not allow to imagine or create expectations for new projects. It’s moving, and that’s it.

“I’m getting into something I don’t know, but I agree to go out there and accept it out of pure challenge. And she explained, among other things, the experience that will make me live all this with people who want to sing and who want to make it their job.”

This is also an opportunity for her to try out new working methods. “Artists, we work a lot on our own, and there’s another pair of sleeves; we’ll work as a gang! I think I’ll perfect my character through all this and learn to work in a team and participate better.”

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“I can’t wait to see what I’m going to flip the chair for,” she said afterwards with a laugh, making it clear that she’s not necessarily looking for a particular music genre or sound. Above all, she intends to rely on what she will hear during blind auditions, not hiding her desire to spread a little good old rock with a flavor of Raven and Offenbach. “It would be nice to hear some a little hoarse. Which shows us that they have a bit of a chest in there.”

After nearly half a century in business, the secret to longevity, according to the singer – who is today a monument to Quebec music – lies in endurance, perseverance and comfort.

Marjoline Maureen, who now lives surrounded by woods on a mountaintop in Saint-Sauveur in the Laurentians, has captivated the necessary tranquility of artists of the North.

The one who gets up every morning at 5 a.m. — like her father, who was also a morning person — will also be on Mondays on “La belle tour” for Laurentides’ specials, to talk about.

“In the morning, the head is free. No problem. We are good. We improve the flower beds and make them beautiful and clean,” said the gardening lover who can often be seen with both hands in the flowerbeds and flowerbeds.

“La belle tour” will air on Laurentians on Mondays on TVA, starting at 8 p.m., while “La Voix” will return in January, hosted by Charles Lafortune.