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Ticket rush for the new flight "anywhere"

Ticket rush for the new flight “anywhere”

Qantas, an Australian company, offers travelers celebrating the Super Moon and the May 26 lunar eclipse, CNN reports.

“Nowhere” is another plane. This is what Qantas offers to Australians. They will have the opportunity to observe the Super Moon and Lunar Eclipse on May 26 aboard the Boeing 787 Dreamline. CNN.

This “tracking” aircraft is the latest in a series of flights organized by Qantas, which takes passengers on a flight. This final exit this time will leave Sydney and last three hours.

Tickets sold out in two and a half minutes

Tickets, ranging from 499 to 1,499 Australian dollars (320 to 950 euros), sold out at the time of registration. In just two and a half minutes the plane was full. A waiting list was also created, but it was closed.

The aircraft promises an impressive lunar view to passengers, and the company is working with astronomer Vanessa Moss to design an optimal path for Boeing to continue. Astronomers will also be on board to entertain the passengers and comment to them on the event. As in Australia, from some countries around the world, the Moon appears to be turning red due to a total eclipse, making it the only country in 2021.

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