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Noise is tightening around steel tycoon Sanjeev Gupta

Noise is tightening around steel tycoon Sanjeev Gupta


Former Prime Minister David Cameron has asked Steel President Sanjeev Gupta to explain himself after being embroiled in corruption following the bankruptcy of the financial institution Greens. The British team is investigating the nature of the move to link the family group to the now bankrupt company. If money is needed, has the British steel company of Indian origin used the fraud to get millions of pounds from the financial institution at Greens? The investigation has only just begun.

Already cash-strapped, the Gupta family group is now suspected of fraud, fraudulent trade and money laundering in the conduct of its businesses.

There are no details about the alleged scams, but the group’s financial relationships with Greens (of whom he was one of the main clients) are at the center of the “serious fraud office” investigation.

According to the local daily Financial Times, Suspicious invoices are said to have been given to Greensil by the Gupta Group in exchange for funds.

Trust some British MPs who point to a practice, financial model that looks like fraud. ” Highly suspected “A Restoration” Pyramid fraud »

Sanjeev Gupta’s team denies any wrongdoing To fully cooperate with the investigation .

The voluntary charity on corruption praised the swift action of the British judiciary, according to which the evidence for a fraudulent fraud was very convincing.

The identity group, which was built by companies buying into trouble, is now in turmoil. He is looking for new funds to avoid the closure of factories that support 35,000 people around the world. Under the circumstances, the British government, which was skeptical of the group’s management, was not sure whether to approach him.

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