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Three Plains Accords: Great response despite the rain

Three Plains Accords: Great response despite the rain

Despite the unsettled weather, Les Trois Accords were treated to a respected audience to present their show in the Plains of Abraham.

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The performance got off to a strong start with Internet And Hawaii. For the first track, the group was shown on giant screens to movie-worthy effect matrix.

Stephens LeBlanc/Journal de Quebec

A visually stunning concert

In addition to the visual effects duringInternetBreathtaking games of color and light accompanied the trio throughout their performance. a lot Above ground swimming poolwhere we had the impression that we saw them singing in the water, that on PambulaShowcased with apocalyptic neopunk influence, it was quite a sight to watch.

Minor sound problems

The band’s vocalist, Simon Proulx, admitted to the audience that he had problems with his throat. Without intending to end the show, he asked the crowd to help him with the lyrics. It didn’t fall on deaf ears, especially for the song They are all nakedwhich the spectators sang at the top of their voices. However, you can still see the annoyance on the singer’s face, even when he wasn’t pushing a tune.

Lovers love each other It was enough to melt the hearts of the crowd, who danced and sang in the rain, and smiles broke from ear to ear.

The band from Drummondville performed more recent creations during their show, with Stealing. No surprise on this side: Les Trois Accords has kept to the recipe that made it a hit, the folk-rock sound, dressed in lyrics that are light and fun to listen to.

Despite the sound problems, singer Simon Proulx gave a fantastic performance to festival-goers.

The crowd responded, even going so far as to lend a hand the band sing the lyrics.

Stephens LeBlanc / Le Journal de Quebec

A high degree

The group invited the Bleu Jeans Bleu singer as well as Lumière to join them on stage. For the occasion, they were accompanied by those who preceded the agreement of Les Trois on the piece I love your grandmother. It must be said that thousands of spectators also took part in this celebration.

I touch myself in the garden

In all the seriousness in the world, the band’s singer told the crowd he was so proud to be in front of them. He went on to rejoice in the presence of his mother, which caused a strong reaction from the audience.

“I think my mom would be proud of our next single, because we worked so hard to create it… So here it is I touch myself in the gardenHe released a surprise to everyone. A very funny moment in the performance.

Dolphins and rhinos

For this song, which begins with ballad melodies, Simon Proulx appeared alone on stage with his electric guitar. The effect of rain pouring through the violet lights made a big impact on the rest of the song, which ended with a continuity of instruments.

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In the end, festival-goers who, because of the rain, arrived on the plains without knowing if they would have a chance to see the headliners would be in for a great show. Something that makes those who quit regret it.