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Nostalgia TV: Hockey with Dad, Feminism with Mom

Nostalgia TV: Hockey with Dad, Feminism with Mom

If anyone knows all of Quebec’s youth programming in the early ’70s, it’s Marie-Helen Thibault. The actress keeps lasting memories of the time she spent in the company of unique characters such as Fanfreluche, Green Mouse, or even Sol and Gobelet.

Mary Helen, what youth programs have distinguished you?

FanfrelucheAnd the floor and cupAnd the Rebolding and later, pumpkin pop. All for their creativity and openness to imagination. My kids love it too Fanfreluche And the floor and cup !

What are your fondest TV memories of your childhood?

See hockey nightJust to sleep late and stay with my dad! Also, discovering feminism at the same time as my mother by watching Aline Desjardins in woman of the dayAnd feel the importance of this speech.

Did you watch TV a lot when you were very young?

My parents didn’t want us to look at him much, and when I was growing up, I read a lot. On the other hand, I know all the youth programs of the early 70s, and that says it all! But there was no TV at meal times!

Is there a person who influenced you?

Laura Ingalls [jouée par Melissa Gilbert, NDLR] From The little house in the meadow. I knew myself there. The books from which the story is taken are less narrative, but fascinating. I fell asleep imagining the lives of American pioneers at the end of the nineteenth century.e century. However, Kim Yaroshevskaya’s wonderful Fanfreluche undoubtedly made me want to tell stories.

Is there a song from the show still stuck in your mind?

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These are from Rebolding. green mouse. nick and climax or Grout and flour. My mother would sing it to me, and then we would sing it together. They are so deeply rooted!

Is there a character you would like to play for children?

witches in Fanfreluche embodied by the wonderful Helen Loisel. They frightened and charmed me! Also, the green mouse Louisette Dussault. Ironically, his presentation was in black and white!

What universe do you want children to discover?

Their inner world is rich and vibrant, full of compassion, curiosity and creativity. And tell them that anything is possible with imagination!

What do you think of youth TV today?

In Quebec, I think it has evolved a lot, and it takes into account modern psychology and the issues we face today, but it has kept the imagination and creativity that is our brand. The children’s series actors and actresses are hardworking and extremely talented! And it’s full of discoveries in terms of costumes and outfits!

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