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This sci-fi trilogy returns to streaming

This sci-fi trilogy returns to streaming

In December, Prime Video added a host of new features. Among them, a cult trilogy dating back to the 90s, is enough to immerse you in a captivating journey through a parallel world made entirely of forged steel before the end of the year holidays.

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Inspired by universal themes such as space exploration, artificial intelligence, time travel, and the consequences of technological development on society and humanity, science fiction films explore our world and its potential deviations or advances. Stanley Kubrick, Ridley Scott, Luc Besson, Christopher Nolan and even Steven Spielberg, the greatest directors have tried their hand at anticipation. Among the films that belong to this popular genre that is endowed with artistry and the way it takes us on a journey, one of these films returns to streaming. Something brightened at the end of this year.

The cult trilogy to watch on the Amazon Prime Video platform

His name was Alex Murphy. He was a police officer, but he was fatally wounded in the line of duty. He was then resurrected as an experimental robot with superhuman strength and human consciousness, and had to fight crime while facing moral dilemmas tied to his own identity. his name… Robocop ! Everyone must have realized the depth of this American film, the first part of which was released in 1987, signed by Paul Verhoeven and written by Edward Newmayer and Michael Miner. What’s the good news? The cult trilogy is currently back streaming on Prime Video. It’s enough to eat some delicious things before the holiday!

What’s new on the Prime Video platform?

These aren’t the only new features Prime Video added in December. Original films, new series, documentaries and shows such as Celebrity stalking or Haha, whoever laughs comes out, To delight its subscribers, the platform has added a lot of content. If you want to revisit some of your classics before the holiday, this is the series Power ringsthe film Medellin Frank Gastambide signed on with Mike Tyson to guest star in the film Burial Romantic film with Jamie Foxx and Tommy Lee Jones Summer is getting beautiful Or French creativity Head into the stars Available. And for unrepentant sci-fi fans, the saga hunger Gamesthe film forkedor 65: The Earth Before It is also still visible on the platform.