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This rarely seen comedian wins Chanteurs Masqués

This rarely seen comedian wins Chanteurs Masqués

An artist who neither sings nor dances in life, won the third season of the program “The Masked Singers,” on Sunday, on TVA. To his great surprise, the chameleon placed his hands on the coveted golden mask.

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Did you guess that Michel Courtemanche was hiding under the reptilian costume? Detective Sam Britton alone was right to identify the 58-year-old comedian, mime, actor and producer, who, like a chameleon, transformed his voice from one performance to the next on the most popular show of the moment.

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An artist who neither sings nor dances in life, won the third season of the program “The Masked Singers,” on Sunday, on TVA. To his great surprise, the chameleon placed his hands on the coveted golden mask. December 3, 2023.

Michel Courtemanche drew on his theatrical background to create this colorful, funny and entertaining character, which ultimately revisited the Right Say Fred group’s “I’m So Sexy” track.

“I’m the first one to be surprised by the win because there were so many beautiful voices on this ‘show,'” he said in an interview with QMI, adding that he had “never” won anything in his career.

“I think I said ‘Okay, let’s see who’ for a week after I won!”

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Please girlfriend

Michel Courtemanche agreed to participate in the program “Masked Singers” to please his girlfriend, who does not miss a single episode of it. He believed he would be eliminated quickly and was given the surprise of his life when his conviction was revealed on the evening of the broadcast. But he had no choice but to tell her that he was participating in the show during filming, but only for her, he insists! – Because the adventure “became more dangerous” and extended over time.

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“I put my arm in the twister and didn’t expect to make it to the end at all. It took me to a whole other place and it was an absolutely crazy experience! It had nothing to do with what I normally do, not even remotely. I’ve never sung and I’ve been dancing in my show for a while long.

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Since he was accustomed to recreating movements, he “imitated” the choreographers who were helping him prepare. He revealed that a few seconds before he went on stage before his first performance, he came up with the idea for the self-confident character, bordering on “new idiocy”.

Michel Courtemanche, who admired the Masked Singers, was embarrassed to sing, but since he was masked, things went well. He was fooling around while dancing, which allowed him to have fun. Before each number, he warmed up the room, as he did on tour in another life.

It was hot of course, very hot, under the chameleon costume. A fan was installed in the head, but the artist disrupted his life while filming last summer. He said he was often gasping for breath, and although it was physically “exhausting” at times, the joy was complete in creating and performing his numbers.

Who are the three finalists?

It was Mario Belchat who donned the Wolf costume and arrived during the season. The “La Voix” coach relied more on his rock sound than usual to hide his identity. He concluded his journey by covering the song “Ma Bouche” by Johnny Hallyday.

The lion was carried by drag queen Rita Baga, known as Jean-François Guivermont, who was very outspoken. On Sunday, Rita addressed Celine Dion’s classic “My Heart Will Go On.”

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Finally, it was Marie Denise Pelletier who played Mutante Rita! The great singer managed to fool all the investigators and sang Aerosmith’s song “I Don’t Want to Miss Anything” at the end.

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Two investigators win the Golden Ear

The Golden Ear Award went to detectives Veronique Dekaire and Stéphane Rousseau, who this season guessed the largest number of masked people. They succeeded Anouk Mounir and Sam Britton.

Behind the scenes next Sunday

Next Sunday, TVA will provide behind-the-scenes access to “Masked Singers” starting at 6:30 p.m. This special event is already available on TVA+.

Remember, “Masked Singers” Season 4 has already been confirmed to premiere in the fall of 2024.

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