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Miss France 2022: the 29 sensual Miss France in swimwear, the beauty pageant parade live

Miss France 2022: the 29 sensual Miss France in swimwear, the beauty pageant parade live

big evening Miss France 2022The launch of Jean-Pierre Foucault and Sylvie Teller! On Saturday, December 11, 2021, in Zenith in Caen, the 29 regional contestants will try their luck in the popular beauty contest before a favorite jury chaired by Jean-Pierre Bernaut: Amal Bent, Ines. Rigg, Delphine Wiesbeiser (Miss France 2012), François Allu (professional dancer and sworn in dance with the stars), Philip Lacho and Ahmed Sylla.

For the traditional entrance choreography, the Young Misses performed the soundtrack for the band the king lion. All of them appeared in gorgeous glamorous golden dresses.

Jean-Pierre Foucault and Sylvie Tellier, dressed in red, arrive to start the show. Jean-Pierre Pernot, in turn, arrived wearing a tuxedo and a tribute to his wife, Natalie Marcay, Miss France 1987. Kick off the evening!

misses . misses

It’s time for serious action: the first paintings have been revealed. We know Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais 2021, Donatella Meden, has been contacted by the modeling community. Miss Guyana 2021, Melissa Stevenson, dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Miss Côte d’Azur 2021, Valeria Pavlin, was present at the Nice attack on July 14, 2016. A tragedy that allowed her to realize that life is very precious. Miss Center-Val de Loire 2021, Jade Lange, dreams of becoming a school teacher. She tried her luck several times in the Miss France contest and this time was the occasion. The top ten nominees review pieces from musicals Hey Mom And Saturday night fever and other disco tracks. This is the first time the Misses have paraded in pants.

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Back to the pictures. Miss Midi-Pyrenees 2021, Hannah Freconet, says she experienced a lot of bullying when she was young because of her sheer size. Instead of worry, I found peace through yoga. Miss Rhône-Alpes 2021, Charlotte Four, does volleyball in competition and is of a very high standard. Miss Pays de la Loire 2021, Line Carvalho, dreams of becoming an airline pilot. Miss Tahiti 2021, Tomatiata Poisson, lost her mother and was participating in Miss France, her mother’s wish. This is a beautiful greeting.

New dance design for girls! This time the topic is Mary Poppins But it’s not just because Mika is in the spotlight either. They magically descend from the ceiling with their umbrellas. magic picture.

Latest photos. Miss Provence 2021, Eva Navarro, has a father who works in the military. So he was raised with respect for values. Miss New Caledonia, Emmy Chenin, loves music and plays guitar. Miss Franche-Comté 2021, Julie Cretein, is passionate about photography and has undertaken humanitarian journeys. Miss Alsace 2021, Cecile Wolfrum, wants to launch an eco-friendly cosmetics project. Miss France Picardie 2021, Hayat Al Garmaoui, wishes to become a volunteer firefighter and municipal councillor.

For this new group choreography, the topic is West side story. They wear colorful ruffled dresses.

It’s time for a new review. The 29 beauty queens of the region have now been revealed in fashion from their region.

Our queens in swimwear

Now it’s time for a much-anticipated new show: the one in which the Miss France contestants are revealed in swimwear. It’s about the theme of the movie the earth They are showing off in a starry blue swimsuit.

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