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This is why you should never sleep on your stomach

This is why you should never sleep on your stomach

An Arizona chiropractor has gone viral for a video posted on TikTok explaining why sleeping on your stomach is a really bad idea.

Dr. Jay Chang, who works at Chirowell Health Clinic, has reached over 21 million internet users with his short video.

It states that sleeping on your stomach can put unnecessary pressure on the neck, lower back, and even the heart.

“If you sleep on your stomach, you have to turn your head to the side. This can cause tension and pressure on your neck, as well as increased pressure on your lower back,” says Dr. Chang.

According to the latter, this position can also have an impact on your heart and even cause cardiovascular problems in some people.

Sleeping on your stomach is unhealthy because it can hinder your breathing and distort your spine.

In such a position, your torso will sink into the mattress due to its weight, which can cause your back to arch and your spine to misalign.

This position can lead to pain, muscle tension upon waking, and even migraines.

Because your head is tilted to the side, you may also experience inflammation and pain in the muscles in your neck as well as your back.

Experts agree that it’s best to sleep on your back or side. The reclining position is the best option as your weight is evenly distributed throughout your body, meaning no part of your anatomy is under increased stress.