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The plane nearly crashed while landing in Toronto

The plane nearly crashed while landing in Toronto

The hard landing of a plane at Toronto Pearson Airport sparked widespread reactions after a video of the scene went viral on YouTube.

Flight AC2 from Ota, Japan may have arrived early on November 13, but passengers may have been fearful for their lives.

Flight passenger James Coy (@james_toronto) commented on YouTube, saying: “When the plane landed, I heard a loud crash, and the fuselage suddenly jumped and my heart felt like it was being thrown out.”

In the video published by Wake Turbulence Aviation, we see the plane hitting the ground and flipping from side to side. The voice of the person filming can also be heard feeling anxious for fear of the plane capsizing.

“The very strong winds created a breathtaking moment during the live broadcast! “Great driving saved this near miss,” reads the YouTube description. It is also specified that wind speeds reached 31 km/h when the plane touched down with wind gusts approaching 50 how many hours.

Fortunately, passengers arrived safely 23 minutes early, according to the Flight Aware website.

“As part of standard operating procedures, Air Canada is reviewing the event, including regulatory reporting requirements. Air Canada pilots are qualified professionals who are trained to handle safely in a range of situations, including headwind conditions.”

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