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This innovation will make you leave your smartphone behind!

This may not be your case, but for us “competent” enthusiasts, we have been eagerly waiting for this novelty. And imagine what? WhatsApp on Windows finally arrives with the ability to chat on WhatsApp, even with the smartphone turned off or offline!

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This news will make millions upon millions of people happy. Oddly enough, Meta would be one of them. It has always been the company’s deepest desire to have us on hand at all times, whatever the circumstances. All in the utmost comfort and ergonomics. The result: a newly designed WhatsApp Windows app, with a full suite of innovative features for the app.

The new WhatsApp Desktop app is available on the Microsoft Store

The new cast of The WhatsApp On Windows it is already available at Microsoft Store. All you have to do is go to the platform and search for the mentioned app and then start the installation! Nothing is easier. after the first with your deviceAll you have to do is make the most of your contacts!

No more copying and pasting: finally a desktop WhatsApp messenger that deserves the name!

You know, the old version of WhatsApp on Windows It was inspired by the web version of WhatsApp. There are no particular optimizations, just enough to avoid the hassle of logging into the app via a file navigator. Now, this latest version is completely original and designed for optimal use on Computer. Note that the app is not yet available on Mac – Although it may not last long.

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And that’s not all! dead Better us with this novelty, starting with the many advantages it offers. Moreover, if we quote you the words of the company itself? app”Optimized for your computer operating system“In particular,”Receive notifications and messages when your phone is offline“Better, it will make you enjoy.”Increased reliability and speed‘Wonderful. No?’

Credits: Whatsapp Inc.
Credits: Whatsapp Inc.

As I understand, the goal is to get out of the scheme The WhatsApp Only available on smartphones. In the end, using the app should be as easy as using Telegram or more specifically Facebook Messenger.

Innovation doesn’t always go hand in hand with perfection!

Note that you should always use your smartphone to sync your WhatsApp account to windows. Then, as mentioned above, you will no longer need to have your smartphone handy to receive messages; You don’t even have to be connected.

Another important aspect to understand, your messages will be stored on a server and sent to every device with which the account is synced. This is a network architecture newly proposed by the company to improve Message processing mode. The next step will be the ability to receive messages on different smartphones at the same time.

Credits: Whatsapp Inc.
Credits: Whatsapp Inc.

Let’s continue the momentum of restrictions … It will not be possible to preview the links sent, not even to view the direct location of the contacts. Worse, or rather, inconvenient, we still do not have the ability to delete messages if the main account device is a file Iphone. However, there is nevertheless a Trial version for MacAvailable to anyone who wishes to be a part of the programme.

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Of course, many improvements will follow this first distribution of this kind. In the end, WhatsApp on Windows It can finally be considered independent.